This "Internet" Thing?


Artist's comment:

Actually, this servant know quite a few things. I think Sauron only knows how to be very evil.


Comic for 13th Oct, 2006

Timbo's comment:

That looks like a Mac monitor >:(( The Devil Wears Prada and Uses Mac >:((((

Commented posted 13:32, 13th Oct, 2006

jarjar's comment:

haha, I love it, very funny and very well done. Your very talented with this stuff :).

Awesome work as always.


Commented posted 14:53, 13th Oct, 2006

Svip's comment:

Sauron is not the Devil, Timbo. The devil is also a character. And he is not Sauron.

Commented posted 21:57, 13th Oct, 2006

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Commented posted 22:06, 13th Oct, 2006