Random Cloud


Artist's comment:

Actually, despite my wishes, I can see I won't get all the translations for the ongoing saga, so I will end it with this picture of a cloud in the sky.

Also, fun fact: "Sky" in Danish means cloud. (the Danish word for sky is "himmel")


Comic for 13th Nov, 2006

Svip's comment:

Hah! I didn't notice myself the lines over the cloud when I submitted it. I shall keep them because it makes the image look silly. :P A goof if you will.

Commented posted 00:56, 13th Nov, 2006

tr00st's comment:

zomgcloud <3

Commented posted 13:33, 13th Nov, 2006

Timbo's comment:

This is the worst slider puzzle ever :((

Commented posted 15:25, 13th Nov, 2006