A Belated Introduction


Artist's comment:

:o Sauron!


Comic for 30th Dec, 2006

SonicSam's comment:

OMG, CHEAT CODES TO HIS LOCATION :o /me tells Frodo!1111

Commented posted 01:35, 30th Dec, 2006

tr00st's comment:

...What D:?

Commented posted 01:36, 30th Dec, 2006

Timbo's comment:

He appears to suffer from his right arm being much longer from his left one :[

Commented posted 02:48, 31st Dec, 2006

SonicSam's comment:

Timbo: That is what I call, armlongerthantheotheroneitis!

Commented posted 04:26, 31st Dec, 2006