The Continuing Sage of the Finch, Which is Now on Fire!


Artist's comment:

This just gets better and better. :>


Comic for 14th Jan, 2007

SonicSam's comment:

svip is man raping me to make comments, SAVE ME TR00ST!

Commented posted 17:22, 14th Jan, 2007

tr00st's comment:

Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinch ;-;

Commented posted 17:29, 14th Jan, 2007

Timbo's comment:

Why's the extras of star wars singing about finches? ._.

Commented posted 22:28, 14th Jan, 2007

SonicSam's comment:

Timbo: Finches are cool!, thats why!

Commented posted 22:52, 14th Jan, 2007