The Importance of Pointing at Others


Artist's comment:

Don't worry, D-man wasn't lost. Thankfully, I made clones of them all before running the program.


Comic for 14th Feb, 2007

SonicSam's comment:

I dont understand this....complex algorithm of things. YOUR COMIC MAKES ME SAY SMART WORDS :<

Commented posted 01:13, 14th Feb, 2007

Nitrolinken's comment:

I believe this has something to do withh yesterday... And since I'm not so good at english complex words, I'll just say "komplekse figurer for et sådan enkelt opplegg". :)

Commented posted 07:14, 14th Feb, 2007

Timbo's comment:

I didn't get it but it was still funny somehow :[

Commented posted 20:14, 14th Feb, 2007

rps's comment:

Don't forget Garbage Collection isn't automatic in C++. You need to use "delete" ^.^

delete d_man;

Oh Noes :<

Commented posted 02:15, 16th Feb, 2007