Artist's comment:

"Wikiality" is still coined by Stephen Colbert from the Colbert Report!


Comic for 20th Mar, 2007

Timbo's comment:

You do not exist. o_o

Commented posted 00:12, 20th Mar, 2007

STM's comment:

"Wikipedia does not exist."


Commented posted 00:48, 20th Mar, 2007

SonicSam's comment:

The World Is a Hyper Cube :D

Best movie evar ;o.

Commented posted 03:58, 20th Mar, 2007

JAnderton's comment:

Why is the word Earth in triple quotes? :/

Commented posted 14:46, 23rd Mar, 2007

Nitrolinken's comment:

:O Where did you get the inspiration to say that the world is cubed? :< :p

Commented posted 18:06, 23rd Mar, 2007