The Battle of the Yeti and Cthulhu, Part I


Artist's comment:

Comic in question.

You I like to defy people's claims. How you like that, David Morgan-Mar?

Yes, part II after tomorrow.


Comic for 15th Apr, 2007

tr00st's comment:

Awesome O_O

Commented posted 14:43, 15th Apr, 2007

Mas's comment:

Win! All of the win! Win, and victory!

Commented posted 00:44, 16th Apr, 2007

Timbo's comment:

Where are all teh bitten-off ears >:(

Commented posted 20:38, 16th Apr, 2007

Nitrolinken's comment:


Slappage! :o

Commented posted 01:08, 17th Apr, 2007