Guest Comic: Duckosaurus


Artist's comment:

I warn you, fear its might. Thanks to Trows being an Australian. And uh making this image. Also, thank to Australia for creating Trows. And thanks to the British Empire for throwing a bunch of criminals unto that place. And thanks to the British Empire again for becoming an Empire. And thanks to Duke William for winning the Battle of Hastings to form England which in turn would become the British Empire. And thanks to the Roman Empire for invading Britannia in the first place. And also thanks to the laws of physics for allowing the creation of the Universe and our planet.

Without all of you, we wouldn't have this great comic today.


Comic for 15th Jun, 2007

SonicSam's comment:

hot :o.

Commented posted 10:22, 15th Jun, 2007

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Nitrolinken's comment:

That's.....err.... unique :p

Commented posted 00:31, 16th Jun, 2007