The Adventures of Crabman, I


Artist's comment:

Hm... I think Crabman will be a great role model for the kids.


Comic for 07th Aug, 2007

Nitrolinken's comment:


Whatever they do he'll just say that he is crabman..


Commented posted 02:29, 07th Aug, 2007

smeding's comment:

I think I remember that guy from somewhere...

And >:o you forgot to mention that Crabman is Dutch!

Commented posted 04:48, 07th Aug, 2007

Timbo's comment:

Does he shoot crab out of his face? :c

Commented posted 10:51, 07th Aug, 2007

smeding's comment:

Timbo: he just gives people crabs. :D

Commented posted 09:18, 08th Aug, 2007

SonicSam's comment:

cows go moo

Commented posted 15:20, 08th Aug, 2007