Jim Weirdo

Jim WeirdoJim was the original character of the comic. He has been with the comic since the begining. There is not much reason for his name, other than me being a retard at making up names. However, as not to deny tradition, I've kept his name.

Jim has a brother and a personal enemy. For a time his personal enemy was one of his friends, but turns out to be hating Jim after Jim killed him. His brother, Tim, however as for some reason disappeared. He was present in some old comics, but is currently gone.

Jim is the better side of myself, and some of him is also something I would love to be. Jim seems to be the kind of guy, that is relaxing despite all the events, and can always find the funny in everything.

Jim has four hairs on his head, each pointing high up. And he is always shown this way.


D-ManD-Man is a character based on myself, his name "D-Man" comes from my real name ( David ), where the D in David has become D in D-man. The name was created by a friend of mine, who uses to call me this.

D-Man is a superhero. However, unlike other superheros, he is a rather lazy one. He mainly only does things when he feels the need for it. D-Man's only friend is Jim. They suddenly become friends after D-Man failed to save a old lady.

D-Man is probably the worse side of myself, the lazy, not willing to do anything kind of person. Not that I have any super powers, despite the fact that I'm glad I don't have any.

D-Man doesn't have any hair present, but he always has a cape, even though there is no wind, it always windy.


MephistophilesAlso known as "the Devil," "Lucifer" or "stinky." But prefers 'devil' or likewise. Being the devil, controller of all evil and enjoys suffering and the like, he normally comes about to bring terror upon Jim and his friends, but rarely does he succeed.

Instead, he remains as a friend to them, although they do fear him (which is not all that confusing given his position).

Mephistophiles looks like the others, although he appears with horns and do not have legs, but some hovering device instead.

The Reporter

The ReporterA direct callenger of the devil, even the devil considers him to be "devilish" or evil.

The Reporter defines himself as the "man always on the scene to ask questions." However, he appears not to ask many questions, instead challenging the devil in various battles.

A direct rival to Mephistophiles.

Always appear with a microphone, slick hair and sunglasses (even at night).


SnakedragonSnakedragon is a mixture of a snake AND a dragon. At any time, it may spawn out of its parralle universe and replace a character for a few moments to say one line. It usually wears the same items the person it replaces.

The Snakedragon's purpuse is yet not revealed, as it shall remain a puzzle to its contenders and to my readers (yeah, both of you!). However, I should warn you, it may - at some point in a very distant furture (in fact so distant that it may actually be able to happen) - replace people in the Real World.

Like a snake and a dragon.

Jack Bauer

Jack BauerHe is not from 24 on TV, even though he happens to be the same guy. Jack Bauer originally starred with his own head, but it was too heavy, so he got a head replacement. However, during the add-on of the new head, it was cut off during an accident with a Slash'em tool.

After Jack Bauer lost his head, he has appeared with out his head since then, and have become increasingly more sane - compared to the rest of the cast.

Now he looks like the standard character drawing without a head.


SauronThe lord of Mordor, although he seems to find it more fitting make his orcs pay taxes instead of fighting. Though, at times, he does take them all out for a glorious battle. Which last time suffered a large defeat against the infamous Jack Bauer Orc Slaughter.

Though evil and yet - at times - cunning, he also watches Friends on MordorTV (which except CNN) is the only channel he can take, and they broadcast shows very late compared to other nations.

His head is actually helmet, but his eyes and mouth is build into it. And it has horns.

Dr. Jones

Dr. JonesLeader of the C.S.I.: Minas Tirith team. He hates the rest of the crew for their worth. Why he continues on the show is a puzzle to everyone.

Notablely not the one who finds the vital clues in their cases, but he sure knows how to take all the credit.

With a bandanna and a stick with a small round mirror in - like on some doctors. Heh.