So what's this?

A: A webcomic about weird happenings on a weird basis.

So in other words, you don't know how to explain your comic, right?

A: Yeah. The description on buzzcomix is 'The Weirdo(s)! is like a piece of fish.', it makes no sense, but so does the comic not.

Yeah, why do you call it "The Weirdo(s)!", can't you decide?

A: No, I cannot. Mainly because I originally called it "The Weirdo", then later renamed it to "The Weirdos", and now I am unsure which I prefer, so I just cheat and pick both.

Do you agree with cheating?

A: When everybody gains from it, yes.

I don't think I gained anything from this cheat.

A: That is not a question.

I hate you.

A: Still not a question.

Okay, why is the comic not updated daily as you claim?

A: I try to keep it updated at the daily rate, but like most people I am lazy and I am busy often, so I don't have time or motivation to do a comic. And besides, I need an idea before I can make one.

Hey, wait, aren't Sauron, Jack Bauer, etc. like copyright/trademarked material?

A: My characters are not the same as the originally characters, they just happen to be the same, but in a different environment.

Do you draw your comics by hand?

A: No, I draw them in The GIMP. A comic normally take like 5 to 10 minutes to make due to this progress. However, like I said, I need an idea first.

I don't find your comic amusing.

A: Despite the fact that that is not a question, I will comment on it anyways. It is most likely that you share a different form of humour than I, and thus the humour of the comic does not appeal to you, and for that reason you do not find it amusing. I apologies.

One of my questions where not answered here, where can I ask you something personal?

A: You can send me an email at svippy at gmail dot com, and ask me your question. Remember though, if I like your question, or find it wise to put on this FAQ, I will probably add it. I'd like to answer your questions, unless they are stupid.