The Weirdos is a webcomic by me, Svip.

It dates back to the second half of 2002, where the first episodes of the comic was created. Originally, the comic came as a comic for the Grand Theft Auto related board, (now known as or "GTAF").

Then, through what I have named the first version of the comic, it took breaks from being created. This may be due to my own laziness. But in most case it was lack of support. Everytime it was restarted, it was requests by member of the board.

In the second half of 2005, the second version of the comic appear (which only lasted 30 comics), now the idea was to get away from the GTAF relations, and appeal to... everybody.

The current version of the comic is version 3, and started the 4th of June 2006. Version 3 is supposed to never end... hopefully.

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Version 1

Version 1 is perhaps the longest version of the comic, and not only did it share a range of 138 different comics, it also had a few flash installations, which were quickly dropped due to lack of originallity and/or ideas for these flash videos.

Version 1, like the following versions, all had the same basic look. The image size was 500x300 pixels. And all (except the Christmas Special) the comics were in the jpeg format.

They started by showing up almost every half year on GTAF, where they would appear for between 5 to 40 episodes, when I would take another break from making them (be it laziness, school work, or lack of support (or all of them)).

They usually took part in what happened on the board of GTAF, and thus rereading the comics for most will not be all that funny. But as of 2003, I realised that I should try and remove myself from this GTAF-relation.

Video format

About the same time, requests had long been made for a video version of the Weirdo. Five of these were made. Although they are probably lost today, they were also removed again due to copyright issues, etc. Not that I was ever prompted by any group about these, but I found myself concerned.

Indeed, the videos used songs in them, because I was unable to perform with my voice, because I hated that so much. So I decided against it in the end.

Christmas Special

The Christmas Special ran for 3 episodes, and is most likely to have run in the christmas of 2004 (or even 2005, although that would mean it would have been made after the start of Version 2). They looked like the old comics, just with snow on the top.

Version 2

Version is to date (June 17th of 2006) the next shortest version (leaving Version 3 the shortest), which ran for 30 episodes across a period during the second half of 2005.

The change from the former version was the use of larger images, and a complete change of border style. Although the infamous drawing style remained. The larger size of images made more room for drawings and text. And where the version 1 comics have had text and image issues, the version 2 had almost dealt with that.

The Version 2 was also a milestone, because it should kill the relation between GTAF and the comic. However, somehow I managed to insert a member from the board to appear in the comic. However, like the version 1 comics, this died soon after.

Version 3

The version 3 comics are the current comic, and are as of today updated on a regular basis. Their change in style is to avoid long text comics, and focus more storyline, and if it may be, keep the storyline over more comics. Per default, a requirement is that every box have an drawing in it. Although in some cases, it is not needed.


See the bios for now. Information about older characters to come...

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